Cohill Family Zoom Christmas Party -
Dec. 19, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,  You and everyone is Invited to a fun time with friends and family!


Important – please forward this email and evite link or FaceBook event link  to any other family or friends that I might have missed! 

Everyone is invited!

Contact me for any other questions!

I will look forward to seeing everyone!  It will be a great time!

Love to all,
Brother PatRick

COHILL FAMILY CHRISMAS PROGRAM IDEAS  - any other ideas please email or call 410-908-0839                        

INTRODUCTION, ICEBREAKER, and CHRISTMAS COCKTAIL - Each family member, most distant to local, oldest to youngest, has the option to share what’s going on with pets, kids, or other people or events in their life.


  1. Ugly sweater or Christmas dress-up contest!   Family and friends have the option to show off their Christmas costume, outfits, ugly sweaters, jammies in shades of red, white, blue and silver, and whiteEveryone will have the option to vote on the winner of ugly sweater and best Christmas outfit.

  2. Show off your best Christmas dessert.  Share in your zoom video your Christmas desserts, cakes, or cookies.

  3. Best dressed pet - dog, cat or other.    Dress in Christmas attire your dog, cat or other type of pet you can show on the Zoom Video.    


  1. Buy one gift ($20 Limit) for each person participating – Buy a fun, ridiculous, or hilarious gift and re-gifting is allowed of course!   

  2. Each family puts a gift in a bag before the zoom party.   If possible do not show others in your household the fun gift you purchased and put in the bag. 

Each family will randomly pull out a wrapped gift from the bag during the zoom party so everyone can watch.   Each family member of house holds up a wrapped gift, and the other zoom viewers will try to determine the contents based on the shape and sound.